Ico from ICO • Photo by JB Ongjoco Photography

Longtime Cosplayer

Though I wouldn't consider myself a oldie in the community, I started back in 2007 dressing up with friends. In 2009 with some small lessons from my mother I picked up sewing to make my first costumes, and in 2010 won my very first craftsmanship award. Years later I've worn 50 costumes & counting, made over 30 of them, and won almost 20 craftsmanship awards.

Cyber Maki from Love Live! SIF • Photo by Octography

Craftsmanship Senpai

If there's one thing I've learned to love, it's helping cosplayers of all levels figure out how to tackle their costumes. My specialties are in wigs, sewing, and some thermoplastics. Sometimes if I take good pictures, I'll make tutorials or panels! But I'm always available for questions on any social media.

Mikumo from Macross ∆ • Photo by Octography

Just a Potato

Many people think I'm intimidating because of my choice of cosplay name. It's been a forum tag for me for quite some time, so it only felt appropriate to use it. Sure I'm more than willing to throw hands to ensure people can enjoy the hobby from the toxic pressures of the outside world, but really? I'm just a potato who likes to dress up.

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